If you are looking for new clothes to take on holiday or you find yourself saying ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear!’ then it might be time for you to update your wardrobe. If you are on a budget but need new clothes then there are ways to pick up a bargain or see things in a new light.



It may be that there are some clothes in your wardrobe that may look completely different or fit you better if they were teamed with a belt. A belt can nip a dress in at the waist and make any outfit pop. You could add a nice necklace and a headband to create something from things you already owned. If you don’t have the accessories then it still may be cheaper to pick up a few cheap things like a belt, necklace and headband that can go with lots of different outfits rather than purchasing lots of outfits.



Marie Kondo your space and organise your wardrobe so that you know what you already own. You could organise by colour or type of clothes but seeing what you have can help you plan what clothes you actually need. You may find some clothes that you haven’t even worn yet or that you had completely forgotten you owned.


Know Your Style

Knowing what style of clothes and colour you like and what suits you can help you when you do decide to go shopping for clothes. It’s all well and good seeing an outfit on a mannequin at the store only to buy it and realise it’s something that you will never wear. Save money by buying stuff that you know you will like and wear. Ask yourself what you already own that it will go with and when you will wear it. If you can’t answer those questions then it probably isn’t something that will fit with your lifestyle. Plan what you want and need in advance and avoid just spontaneously picking up items if you want to save your cash. Having a pared-back wardrobe will help you feel calmer too when you need to find something to wear quickly.



Sell Stuff

If you already have lots of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear then chances are that you have something that someone else would buy. After you have worked on discovering what style and colours you prefer you may have lots of clothes that are no longer suitable. You can sell used clothing on eBay, Poshmark, and Depop and use the proceeds to purchase your new clothes.


Grab a Bargain

There are lots of places to get bargain clothes. You can pick up cheap outfits from Primark, on eBay, or somewhere like everything5pounds.com. If you are trying to save money in the longer term then avoid fast fashion as you’ll only need to replace the items more often. Perhaps save up for a piece that you know is better quality and that will last you longer.