Many of us are spending hundreds of pounds a year on our phone bills. If you want to decrease your cost of living then you will want to take a look at how much you are spending on your phone and how to save more money in this area. The good news is that you can lower your phone bills with just a few tweaks so you can save a few more pennies to spend on yourself.


Switch To Pay as You Go

Many people use contract phones thinking they are getting a better deal than buying a phone. In the short term, the outlay is less but over the longer term, you could be paying much more. It can often be cheaper to purchase a new phone and use a pay-as-you-go contract. They often offer the same benefits of longer contracts such as inclusive minutes, texts and mobile data. You also have the advantage of not being tied down to a contract for 18 months to 2 years.



Change providers

A recent study showed that more than 25% of people had never tried to lower their mobile phone bill by switching providers. If you find a better deal elsewhere then don’t be afraid to switch. If you want to keep your mobile phone number then you will have to call your current phone company in order to get your PAC code. When you call them and tell them that you are leaving they may try and entice you to stay by matching your new deal or giving you an even better one.


Use Wifi

Most phones offer the ability to connect to wifi instead of using your mobile data. Using the mobile data on your phone can quickly eat into your phone allowance. Always use your wifi at home and switch to wifi whenever possible when you are out and about. Only use your phone’s data when there’s no other option. You may want to use your own data when you are logging onto online banking or accessing other personal data.



Get Cashback

Check before you purchase a new phone or contract as you could save money on your new deal. If you are purchasing a new phone outright then keep an eye out for sales, coupon codes and use cashback sites like Topcashback or Quidco. If you are purchasing a new phone from somewhere that accepts gift cards then check to see if you can purchase a discounted gift card to save a few more quid.