Stretch Your Budget Further is all about helping you make your money go further. Sure you may be on a budget but you still want to enjoy life don’t you?  You’ll find plenty of ideas for creating a fun and thrifty lifestyle whatever your budget. 

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Holiday for Less

If you're living on a tight budget going on holiday can seem like too much of a luxury expense. But taking a break doesn't have to be something that is off-limits to you. You just need to be more flexible, think outside the box and you will be able to find something...

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Cheap Ways to Treat Yourself

When you are living on a budget it can make you feel guilty to spend any money on yourself. But scheduling treats and making sure that you are taking care of yourself will help you stay on track and enjoy life more. Having a little treat to look forward to at the end...

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Reduce Stress

We're all trying to juggle so much these days and things can start to take their toll on our mental health when we feel under so much pressure The aim is to reduce stress as much as possible so we can enjoy our lives.   Know Your Why Always know your 'why'. Ask...

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Thrifty YouTube Channels to Follow

Youtube is great for getting inspiration and ideas or just to keep you motivated. When you are so overwhelmed or feeling stressed about your finances it helps to see other people who are on the same journey as you or who have been there before. Luckily there's no...

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Christmas on a Budget

Christmas can get very expensive, very fast. But with a little bit of forward planning and budgeting, there is no reason why you can't enjoy Christmas on a budget. From the food to the presents there are ways to create a wonderful Christmas for everyone without...

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3 Vegetarian Takeaways You Can Make

If you love a takeaway to treat yourself (and who doesn't???) you can end up getting through your food budget pretty fast. But worry not as many of your favourite takeaways meals can be made quickly and cheaply at home. And they are probably a lot more healthy too....

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