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We all seem to be trying to stretch our budgets as much as they will go these days. One of our biggest expenses is the roof over our heads. There are lots of ways to save money on our accommodation such as living with parents (if you can stand it!), renting a room with flatmates or even house sitting, to name just a few.

But what if you crave your own space and don’t want to share anymore? If a small space is all you have to work with, like a studio flat, then some clever decorating skills can make a small home feel bigger.

I’m a fan of diving rooms up to create different spaces. You can have lots of designated spaces in one room if need be.



Bookcase & Office Dividers

I’m sure most of us at one stage or another has had an Ikea bookcase in our lives. The great thing about these cube bookcases with both sides exposed is that you can fill up as many of the cubes as you want. It’s both practical and pretty when full of interesting books and trinkets. It also lets the light in so if you only have one window in a room it won’t block out the natural light.

But let’s be honest, the postage is a pretty penny and it’s one of those pieces of furniture that when it’s up you don’t want to take it down again and it can be a bit of pain to move. I speak from experience of getting several of them down a few flights of a narrow staircase!

If you want something that’s more flexible then you may want to consider an office divider. They come in all sizes, shapes and colours so you can find something that fits your space. They are simple to erect and can be moved around easily so that you can chop and change where you want them.



Blocks of colour

You can use colour to divide a room up into sections. This can be in the colour of the walls or the furniture and accessories you choose for a room. If you own your home or have permission to paint the walls, then this is a nice way to create separate sections within the same room. Perhaps you have one studio room with the kitchen, living and bedroom all in one space. You could have a different colour for all three zones to create the illusion of more room without pinching any of the floor space.




It’s really important to be selective about the furniture that you bring into a small space. It can quickly feel crowded with large pieces. Think about how you will live in your space and what you really need. Is there anything that you can let go of? This is a great time to declutter! Perhaps you could make the room look like a hotel and make a feature of the bed but forgo a large sofa. Or maybe you want a big entertaining space for people to come over so would prefer a large sofa bed and are not fussed about having a separate bed.



You can also use furniture to divide the room up. If you have a bed at the far end of a room, you could arrange your sofa so that if faces the other way creating a little living area. A dining table could then separate the space between the living and kitchen areas.

It all depends on what space you have to work with and whether you have your own home or are renting.

The great thing about small spaces is that you don’t need a lot of stuff and can make it really cosy quite easily.