If you’re living on a tight budget going on holiday can seem like too much of a luxury expense. But taking a break doesn’t have to be something that is off-limits to you. You just need to be more flexible, think outside the box and you will be able to find something that fits your budget. Getting away from it all is a great way to switch off and treat yourself.


Book Out of Season

If you travel on a budget then you will need to be flexible with when you go on holiday. The prices are often hugely cheaper for out-of-season breaks. If you don’t have kids or work in certain sectors and can avoid going in the expensive summer months then you can save a lot more cash. Booking trips in wintertime and even around Christmas and New Year can bring up some bargains if you book early. Another advantage of going out of season is it will be a lot less busy. Just be sure to check whether places will be open out of the typical holiday months.



Go For Less Time

Consider 3 days breaks and 5-day breaks instead of a week then you may be able to adjust your budget to cover a smaller holiday. Or you could book several weekend breaks instead of a two-week break. That way you’ll have more breaks to look forward to in the year and you get to travel to more places.


Go Half Board

Compare the prices for all-inclusive and half-board and see if you will make any savings. For half board, you usually get breakfast and dinner. If you only want a light lunch or fancy trying local restaurants for lunch then consider going half board instead. Or maybe you could save much more money by booking a self-catering holiday.


Sort Your Own Breakfast

If you are holidaying in the UK, eating a hotel breakfast each day can rack up costs quickly. You could go out and eat breakfast at a local pub. Hungry Horse and Wetherspoon are great options for breakfast as they have many options under £5. Or you could pop to the supermarket and get some pastries, fruit, and juice and have yourself an in-room breakfast experience. If you are going for a few days perhaps you could mix it up and have a different breakfast each day.