Having a warm and cosy home is important to most of us. It’s a place where we can retreat when we need to reduce stress. But decorating a rental home can seem like a waste of money, after all, you are improving a home for someone else’s benefit. But there are small ways that you can make your new rental feel more like yours without spending too much time or money on it. Making your home an enjoyable space to be in can also help you save money by encouraging you to stay home rather than going all the time to escape. For example, if you have a nice kitchen area you will be more likely to cook at home instead of rushing out to eat every night.



Bringing living things into your house or apartment can make it feel more like home. Plants are great because they can be moved to your next place so it’s not a wasted investment. They can be placed in pretty much any room, even the bathroom, and are great for hiding marks on the walls or other things you want to cover up.


Self-Adhesive Tiles

Self-adhesive tiles are great for using in rentals as you can just peel them off after (depending on what surface you apply them to). They can be used on the walls and on the floors and as they are made of vinyl they are easy to cut and shape around things like sinks and toilet bowls. You can instantly transform an area making it feel like a much nicer space to be in.


Paint The Grout

If you find yourself with a bathroom or kitchen that has seen better days then a cheap way to make it look cleaner is to paint the grout between the tiles. First, give it a good clean as you may find that does the trick. But if everything is still looking dingy then painting the grout will freshen up the tiles. You can paint the grout on the floor as well with the same pot if it’s the same colour that you want. There are different colours to choose from and grey makes the white tiles pop. If you think there may be an issue with your landlord though just go for the same colour that’s already there.



Accessorize Your Home

Make your home look nice with accessories that you can take with you when you leave. In the bedroom add a nice duvet cover and blanket. If you have a furnished place then add a cosy throw to the sofa with a blanket and some cushions. Add candles and bits that make you feel at home. Attach picture frames and artwork to the walls with Command strips to avoid leaving marks on the paintwork.


Get Free Standing Furniture

Shelving space can be a problem when you rent a place as the rules often prohibit you from putting your own shelves on the wall. Think about getting a bookshelf or another unit that you can use instead of fixing shelves to the wall. If you want a full-length mirror get a free-standing one or lean a large mirror against a wall.