Christmas can get very expensive, very fast. But with a little bit of forward planning and budgeting, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy Christmas on a budget. From the food to the presents there are ways to create a wonderful Christmas for everyone without splashing the cash and regretting it later.


Forwarding Planning

If you are serious about saving some cash this Christmas then you need to plan ahead and get on a budget. Decide how much you have to spend and stick to it. Write down your budget and plan out what you have to spend in total and how much of your budget will go towards everything you have planned. For example, have sections for food, travel, presents, trips out (like going to see Santa or Christmas markets).




Know what your budget is in advance so that you don’t overspend. Plan what you would like to get each person. Factor in stockings if you are going to do those and have a budget for them as well. To keep costs down buy gifts throughout the year when you see a good deal. Look for bargains online and search for voucher codes before you purchase. You could even DIY some of your gifts. People love the handmade touch and you could batch make a few gifts to save time and money. Hampers make lovely DIY gifts because you can get the items for cheap and tailor the gift to each person. You can also make your own crackers and give people something that they would prefer more than the plastic rubbish you get in shop-bought ones.




We all like a little extra luxury at Christmas and some items can only be purchased during December. But if you have space you can get many foodie bits and pieces a few months in advance and stash them away. This helps you not feel like you have to do everything in December. It can get very overwhelming with all the preparations and the most important thing is to enjoy the season.