If you love a takeaway to treat yourself (and who doesn’t???) you can end up getting through your food budget pretty fast. But worry not as many of your favourite takeaways meals can be made quickly and cheaply at home. And they are probably a lot more healthy too. Plus these ideas get bonus points because they are all vegetarian. Save some money by making a ‘fakeaway‘ at home.


Pizza and Chips

Pizza is the ultimate takeaway in isn’t it? But ordering a takeaway pizza is not cheap nowadays. And the thing is it’s just so easy to shove a pizza and a few chips in the oven at home. Wait 30 or so minutes and there you have your nice takeaway meal. Possibly more quickly than it would take the delivery people to come round. If you keep a pizza or two in your freezer you can have a quick meal whenever you fancy and save extra money on getting a takeaway. Try Aldi and Lidl for some nice cheap vegetarian pizzas and curly fries. If you want to pretend you’re being healthy you can throw a few frozen peas on the side or serve with a salad.



Quorn Chicken Thai Green Curry

Now, if you don’t mind cooking a bit longer and fancy a more healthier ‘fakeaway’ then this recipe for Thai green curry is just so tasty. Just amend the recipe with Quorn chicken pieces to create a vegetarian version and use soy sauce instead of fish sauce. If your blender struggles to blend the dry ingredients then add all of the curry paste ingredients to the coconut milk and blend them together then cook the Quorn pieces and the rest of the veggies in this coconut curry mix. The fresh ingredients of this dish make your kitchen smell amazing and it really tastes incredible. Serve with boiled rice and some chopped fresh coriander. To make it more quickly you can create the Thai green sauce beforehand and keep it in the freezer.



Breakfast Muffin

If you love a Mcdonald’s breakfast muffin and a couple of cheeky hashbrowns then this one is for you. All you need is a breakfast muffin, egg, and sliced cheese. If you have one of those little egg shapers then you can make your egg look a bit more authentic but a normal fried egg will work equally well. Add to your muffin with your sliced cheese and you have a quick egg muffin. Try with a brioche bun for a little twist. Or if you fancy a sausage and egg muffin then you can buy Quorn sausage patties and add that under the egg. Serve next to hashbrowns that you cook in the oven and a nice cold glass of orange juice. This makes for the perfect Sunday brunch in bed.